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I love the knowledge we have of how the cosmos works. I love understanding the size and scale of things, the motions of the Universe, the interaction of objects through gravity, electromagnetism, and collisions. I love sitting out under a dark sky and soaking in the cold, dim points of light, and knowing that we know what they are and how they work, the first generations of humans on Earth who can make such a boast.

And I love the pictures.

Galaxies, moons, supernovae, planets, nebulae, dust... all of it. The Universe is saturated in beauty, and our technology is starting to catch up with it. We can capture the glowing glamor of the cosmos, and stare in awe and rapture.

Every year, more and more images become available of astronomical objects. And every year I try to pick my favorite ten to post here at the year's end (check out 2007 and 2006). This year, the ten I have chosen have a significant distance bias; they lean toward being very close. But don't fret: they range in distance literally from the closest to the farthest objects we can see.

This list is mine, and has my bias. I choose the pictures for beauty, for scientific interest, for both or for neither. Sometimes they're just cool, and sometimes they are a little frightening, but I hope they all will make you think, and move you in some way. Under most images is a link to embiggen them quite cromulently.

Ready? Strap yourself in. We're traveling from here to eternity! To begin your journey, you can click the "Next" button under the image above, or just start here.

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NASA Unveils Their New Launch System

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Breakthrough Study Confirms Cause of Short Gamma-Ray Bursts

A new supercomputer simulation shows the collision of two neutron stars can naturally produce the ma (...)

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NASA's Kepler Mission Helps Reveal the Inner Secrets of Giant Stars for the First Time

University of Sydney astrophysicists are behind a major breakthrough in the study of the senior citi (...)

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Voyager 1 Has Outdistanced the Solar Wind

The venerable Voyager spacecraft are truly going where no one has gone before. Voyager 1 has now rea (...)

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Food expiration dates: What do they really mean?

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NASA - A Galactic Spectacle

A beautiful new image of two colliding galaxies has been released by NASA's Great Observatories. The (...)

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Calculate distance, bearing and more between Latitude/Longitude points


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