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Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2008

I love the knowledge we have of how the cosmos works. I love understanding the size and scale of thi (...)

clicks: 3613 3613 2008-12-24 2008-12-24 goto url (new window) blogs.discoverm... goto myNews ciencia


clicks: 3401 3401 2008-12-18 2008-12-18 goto url (new window) diariodigital.s... goto myNews ciencia

The damage that halted the LHC

On Friday, the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) released photos of damage to the Large Ha (...)

clicks: 3710 3710 2008-12-13 2008-12-13 goto url (new window) news.cnet.com/8... goto myNews ciencia

Black hole confirmed in Milky Way

There is a giant black hole at the centre of our galaxy, a 16-year study by German astronomers has c (...)

clicks: 3725 3725 2008-12-10 2008-12-10 goto url (new window) news.bbc.co.uk/... goto myNews ciencia

Strange Portal Connects Earth to Sun

Like giant, cosmic chutes between the Earth and sun, magnetic portals open up every eight minutes or (...)

clicks: 3827 3827 2008-11-04 2008-11-04 goto url (new window) space.com/scien... goto myNews ciencia

Mars 101

Mars is a cold, dry, desert landscape of sand and rocks. Many land features on the present-day surfa (...)

clicks: 3898 3898 2008-10-21 2008-10-21 goto url (new window) phoenix.lpl.ari... goto myNews ciencia

Mercury as Never Seen Before

Yesterday, NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft flew past Mercury and photographed a broad swath of never-bef (...)

clicks: 3454 3454 2008-10-14 2008-10-14 goto url (new window) science.nasa.go... goto myNews ciencia

LHC shut down until early spring

Professor Peter Higgs will have to wait at least a few additional seasons to find out whether his lo (...)

clicks: 3969 3969 2008-09-24 2008-09-24 goto url (new window) news.cnet.com/8... goto myNews ciencia

Ten things you don't know about the Earth

Good advice from the 70s progressive band. Look around you. Unless you're one of the Apollo astronau (...)

clicks: 5029 5029 2008-09-23 2008-09-23 goto url (new window) blogs.discoverm... goto myNews ciencia

How Can We See Galaxies 47 Billion Light Years Away When the Universe is Only 13 Billion Years Old?

This is my second post in the Just Science Week Challenge. This 2003 paper in Physical Review Let (...)

clicks: 3898 3898 2008-09-13 2008-09-13 goto url (new window) astronomybuff.c... goto myNews ciencia

Distant object found orbiting Sun backwards

An object in the icy Kuiper belt has been found orbiting the Sun backwards, compared to most other o (...)

clicks: 3482 3482 2008-09-09 2008-09-09 goto url (new window) space.newscient... goto myNews ciencia

"Tech doping"? How Speedo's LZR suit breaks swim records

Behold swimming superstar Michael Phelps in the Speedo LZR swimsuit: He resembles a merman, all slic (...)

clicks: 3776 3776 2008-08-20 2008-08-20 goto url (new window) machinist.salon... goto myNews ciencia

A Secret Tool for the U.S. Swim Team

Around the time that the swimwear company Speedo was calling on NASA scientists to help create the n (...)

clicks: 4646 4646 2008-08-20 2008-08-20 goto url (new window) technologyrevie... goto myNews ciencia

Language Facts

- There are more than 2,700 major languages spoken throughout the world. - There are over 583 diffe (...)

clicks: 4198 4198 2008-08-16 2008-08-16 goto url (new window) amazingposts.co... goto myNews ciencia

15 Wonderful Inventions and Discoveries by the Ancient Chinese

China was once the superpower, being a technically and scientifically advanced nation up to 1400 AD. (...)

clicks: 5302 5302 2008-08-15 2008-08-15 goto url (new window) socyberty.com/H... goto myNews ciencia


clicks: 5026 5026 2008-08-10 2008-08-10 goto url (new window) diario.iol.pt/t... goto myNews ciencia


clicks: 3674 3674 2008-08-01 2008-08-01 goto url (new window) correiodamanha.... goto myNews ciencia

Warp Drive Engine Would Travel Faster Than Light

It is possible to travel faster than light. You just wouldn't travel faster than light. Seems str (...)

clicks: 4398 4398 2008-07-28 2008-07-28 goto url (new window) dsc.discovery.c... goto myNews ciencia

NASA Plans To Visit The Sun

For more than 400 years, astronomers have studied the sun from afar. Now NASA has decided to go ther (...)

clicks: 4422 4422 2008-07-20 2008-07-20 goto url (new window) ccnmag.com/arti... goto myNews ciencia

A Handpicked Collection of the Ultimate Space Pictures

We normally see Saturn's rings the side from which the sun shines on them. This picture was taken fr (...)

clicks: 4894 4894 2008-06-16 2008-06-16 goto url (new window) scienceray.com/... goto myNews ciencia


clicks: 3814 3814 2008-06-16 2008-06-16 goto url (new window) diariodigital.s... goto myNews ciencia

NASA Plans to Visit the Sun

For more than 400 years, astronomers have studied the sun from afar. Now NASA has decided to go ther (...)

clicks: 4390 4390 2008-06-12 2008-06-12 goto url (new window) science.nasa.go... goto myNews ciencia

Phoenix Lands on Mars!

NASA's Phoenix spacecraft landed in the northern polar region of Mars Sunday to begin three months o (...)

clicks: 3574 3574 2008-05-26 2008-05-26 goto url (new window) science.nasa.go... goto myNews ciencia