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Transportai um punhado de terra todos os dias e fareis uma montanha
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clicks: 3578 3578 2006-08-17 2006-08-17 goto url (new window) correiodamanha.... goto myNews ciencia

E = mc2 Explained

One of Einstein's great insights was to realize that matter and energy are really different forms of (...)

clicks: 3760 3760 2006-08-16 2006-08-16 goto url (new window) worsleyschool.n... goto myNews ciencia

Solar system to welcome three new planets

The nine planets of the solar system are about to be transformed into 12. The International Astr (...)

clicks: 4147 4147 2006-08-16 2006-08-16 goto url (new window) nzherald.co.nz/... goto myNews ciencia

Voyager 1: The Spacecraft That Could Hits New Milestone

Voyager 1, already the most distant human-made object in the cosmos, reaches 100 astronomical units (...)

clicks: 4552 4552 2006-08-16 2006-08-16 goto url (new window) redorbit.com/ne... goto myNews ciencia

Science reveals secrets of invisibility

(CNN) -- Invisibility has long been a fantastical ability exclusively enjoyed by teenage wizards, su (...)

clicks: 3995 3995 2006-08-10 2006-08-10 goto url (new window) cnn.com/2006/TE... goto myNews ciencia


clicks: 3939 3939 2006-08-07 2006-08-07 goto url (new window) johnkyrk.com/ev... goto myNews ciencia

Os primeiros a construir casas na lua


clicks: 3156 3156 2006-08-02 2006-08-02 goto url (new window) portugaldiario.... goto myNews ciencia

The Big Bang - Common Misconceptions

Recently, I've been hanging out on some message boards and realized that, just like with evolution, (...)

clicks: 3394 3394 2006-07-31 2006-07-31 goto url (new window) angryastronomer... goto myNews ciencia

NASA Scientists Conquer Einstein Equations with Help from Columbia Supercomputer

Powered by SGI Altix, Researchers Simulate Merger of Black Holes, Shedding Light on the Most Powerfu (...)

clicks: 3351 3351 2006-07-25 2006-07-25 goto url (new window) webwire.com/Vie... goto myNews ciencia

Congelar para mais tarde curar


clicks: 3608 3608 2006-07-24 2006-07-24 goto url (new window) portugaldiario.... goto myNews ciencia

The Cosmic Timeline

Astrophysicists have deduced the age of the Universe (dated from the Big Bang) to be 13.7 BILLION YE (...)

clicks: 3771 3771 2006-07-23 2006-07-23 goto url (new window) visav.phys.uvic... goto myNews ciencia

A Glimpse at the Future of Our Sun

A team of astronomers recently used Arizona's Infrared-Optical Telescope Array (IOTA) of three linke (...)

clicks: 4404 4404 2006-07-21 2006-07-21 goto url (new window) universetoday.c... goto myNews ciencia


clicks: 3423 3423 2006-07-20 2006-07-20 goto url (new window) diariodigital.s... goto myNews ciencia

Black hole findings yield new mysteries

(SPACE.com) -- Until recently, black holes have remained hidden beneath invisibility cloaks. Whereas (...)

clicks: 3714 3714 2006-07-14 2006-07-14 goto url (new window) cnn.com/2006/TE... goto myNews ciencia

Earliest black holes bent the laws of physics

Black holes in the early universe may have circumvented a law of physics to grow rapidly to colossal (...)

clicks: 3327 3327 2006-07-14 2006-07-14 goto url (new window) newscientistspa... goto myNews ciencia

Possible Meteorites in the Martian Hills

From its winter outpost at "Low Ridge" inside Gusev Crater, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit too (...)

clicks: 3495 3495 2006-07-14 2006-07-14 goto url (new window) spaceref.com/ne... goto myNews ciencia

Viagem pelo vasto Universo

Site deveras interessante para quem gosta de olhar para as estrelas ou pelo menos de ouvir falar del (...)

clicks: 3280 3280 2006-07-12 2006-07-12 goto url (new window) seb.cc/mapunive... goto myNews ciencia

A cometary "string-of-pearls" will fly past Earth in May 2006 giving astronomers a fantastic view of a dying comet.

n 1995, Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 did something unexpected: it fell apart. For no apparent re (...)

clicks: 3219 3219 2006-07-09 2006-07-09 goto url (new window) science.nasa.go... goto myNews ciencia

Venus Meets a Planet Named George

Ancient people didn't have TV or electric lights. So, when the sun went down every night, they got t (...)

clicks: 3274 3274 2006-07-08 2006-07-08 goto url (new window) science.nasa.go... goto myNews ciencia

An Alignment of Stars and Planets

Something remarkable is about to happen in the evening sky. Three planets and a star cluster are con (...)

clicks: 3678 3678 2006-07-08 2006-07-08 goto url (new window) science.nasa.go... goto myNews ciencia

13 things that do not make sense

1 The placebo effect DON'T try this at home. Several times a day, for several days, you induce pa (...)

clicks: 3886 3886 2006-07-08 2006-07-08 goto url (new window) newscientist.co... goto myNews ciencia