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Here's a special presentation from the Wired Blogs team: our list of New Year's resolutions. Feel free to apply these to your daily life whether you're a coder or not. And now, our plans for the future...

I will realize that design patterns are a guide, not a religion.

I will bother to research the security issues relevant to my work.

I will spend an hour teaching a child the rudiments of programming, even if it's just "Hello World" in JavaScript.

I will learn how to use Unicode.

I will not respond to requests for help by informing the questioner that they are not only asking the wrong question, but should change the language they program in and/or their Linux distribution.

I will not contribute to lists that anthropomorphize or analogize languages. The lists are funny only in their original incarnations.

I will create one bona-fide playable game, even if it's Tic-Tac-Toe 2007.

I will recognize that not all programs are self documenting, and that this is why comments were invented.

I will contribute to an open-source project because they need my skills, not because I like the project.

I will explain my grep patterns in comments.

I will be nice to the people who pay me.

I will stop procrastinating by cyberstalking my ex-lovers.

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