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I've covered the good developer traits which means its time to get into the bad. What are 5 traits that are a good clue that a person isn't a good developer?

1. Harshly dogmatic. Linux fanboys, M$ fanboys, and Mac fanboys aren't going to make rational decisions about technology. Theyve already decided. Sometimes theyll luck into the right decision and youll do alright, but there is no silver bullet that's right for every situation. I only mention the Linux/Microsoft/Mac web of inanity because everyone understands it, but the same point holds true about Java/.Net, compiled vs Interpreted, and vi vs emacs, somebody who has made their mind up before they even know the question isnt going to give you the best answer.

2. Unquestioning. Somebody who does exactly what theyre told and never asks questions is going to be a developer their manager likes. Theyre easy to live with and problem free. But theyll kill you over and over again by spending far too much effort on the wrong thing just because somebody told them too. You want developers who will stop and say: It would be better if we did it this way! Theyll say that sometimes and be wrong, but theyre a valuable sanity check of last resort.

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