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When I was a trainer for a corporate restaurant chain, one area we would always focus on during the beginning of our training classes was the basic restaurant terminology. The reason being, that after working in an arena for a while we tend to take the terminology that goes along with the task for granted as just widely accepted common knowledge. We think everyone knows what we mean when we talk about div tags, design briefs, and splash pages because in the circles we tend to populate, most do. But when you are just getting started, it can be easy to get a bit lost in the lingo, and beyond that, not being aware of the non-commonality of our terminology can impact our client relationships.

Without this awareness of how much of our speech is ingrained in our industry, we forget when communicating with those outside said industry that they may not be following much of what we are saying. And though you do want your clients to know that you know just what it is you are talking about, you also want them to know just what it is that you are talking about. So be sure that you are familiar with which terms tend to only make sense to those in your field, to keep your client conversations on track and from veering into somewhat job-specific, proprietary directions.

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