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21 Fresh Examples of CSS Web Design from 2011

Creativity has no boundaries. Designers are looking attractive and decent ideas for their clients. A (...)

clicks: 3382 3382 2011-06-24 2011-06-24 goto url (new window) smashinghub.com... goto myNews misc

From CVS to Git, 9 Things I've Learned

As frequent readers of my blog know I've been transitioning to git lately. I actually think CVS (wit (...)

clicks: 3480 3480 2011-06-23 2011-06-23 goto url (new window) eclipsesource.c... goto myNews misc

30 Amazing Icon Design Tutorials

Designing an icon set may sound like an easy thing to do but in actuality it is much easier said tha (...)

clicks: 3236 3236 2011-06-17 2011-06-17 goto url (new window) webdesign14.com... goto myNews misc

20+ Useful CSS3 and HTML5 Frameworks, Tools and Templates

I hope you have heard a little about CSS3 and HTML5. And I'm sure you've used at least one of the co (...)

clicks: 3672 3672 2011-06-15 2011-06-15 goto url (new window) 1stwebdesigner.... goto myNews misc

10 useful .htaccess snippets to have in your toolbox

.htaccess, the file which control the Apache webserver, is very useful and allows you to do a lot of (...)

clicks: 3057 3057 2011-06-13 2011-06-13 goto url (new window) catswhocode.com... goto myNews misc

jQuery Plugins for Styling Checkbox &amp; Radio Buttons

The Checkbox and radio button versions of input elements used in forms on the web are amongst the mo (...)

clicks: 3388 3388 2011-06-13 2011-06-13 goto url (new window) line25.com/arti... goto myNews misc

20 Most Useful Free Web-Icon Set for Web Designers

Web-Icon is one of the most important elements for web design. Without a suitable icon a Website can (...)

clicks: 3438 3438 2011-06-12 2011-06-12 goto url (new window) djdesignerlab.c... goto myNews misc

19 Useful Jquery Image Slider Plugins and Tutorials

Learning JavaScript and implementing it in your web pages is not that easy. Hence we take help of pr (...)

clicks: 2960 2960 2011-06-10 2011-06-10 goto url (new window) webdesignburn.c... goto myNews misc

Introduction to Color Theory

Well, if you've read the first five articles in this series, you may be asking yourself: "How does a (...)

clicks: 2961 2961 2011-06-10 2011-06-10 goto url (new window) mobile.tutsplus... goto myNews misc

34 Fresh And Stunning Fonts That Can Enhance Your Designs

Effectively usage of fonts in a web design not only makes it visually alluring but also conveys the (...)

clicks: 3034 3034 2011-06-10 2011-06-10 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews misc

45+ Useful Yet Free eBooks For Designers And Developers

Internet has made the world of knowledge and information so much open than it ever had before. With (...)

clicks: 3281 3281 2011-06-09 2011-06-09 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews misc

Planning And Implementing Website Navigation

The thing that makes navigation difficult to work with in Web design is that it can be so versatile. (...)

clicks: 3418 3418 2011-06-08 2011-06-08 goto url (new window) smashingmagazin... goto myNews misc

50 (Really FRESH) High Quality and Free Icon Sets

Every designer knows how valuable an icon set can be in the time of need. This is the reason why kee (...)

clicks: 3407 3407 2011-06-08 2011-06-08 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews misc

50 Fresh and Free WordPress 3 Series Compatible Themes

Being the most preferred Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is used by millions of users all (...)

clicks: 3388 3388 2011-05-30 2011-05-30 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews misc

70 Free PSD Web UI Elements For Designers

Nothing can beat the freebies as they not only save your time but also give quality results. These f (...)

clicks: 3561 3561 2011-05-30 2011-05-30 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews misc

60+ Must-Have Photoshop Brush Sets For Excellent Grunge Effects

For a designer, having a good set of brushes that he can use with Photoshop, Illustrator, gimp and o (...)

clicks: 3441 3441 2011-05-29 2011-05-29 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews misc

50 Killer (Photoshop And Others) Tutorials For Graphic Designers

Tutorials are the best source for the designers when they need to design a project that has been rea (...)

clicks: 3334 3334 2011-05-28 2011-05-28 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews misc

The Web Designer's Guide to Pricing

Trying to establish your pricing and rates as a web designer can often feel like opening Pandora's B (...)

clicks: 3356 3356 2011-05-27 2011-05-27 goto url (new window) webdesign.tutsp... goto myNews misc

11 Excellent Online Converters That Can Help You Convert Files And Formats

There are many online file converters out there for designers and developers, but getting by good on (...)

clicks: 3230 3230 2011-05-19 2011-05-19 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews misc

Designing Mobile App Backgrounds

Now that we have been introduced Photoshop and a couple of the most essential tools, let's put the f (...)

clicks: 3397 3397 2011-05-19 2011-05-19 goto url (new window) mobile.tutsplus... goto myNews misc

50 High Quality Free PSD Icon Sets You Probably Never Want To Miss

We have previously shared many collection of free icon sets with our readers and upon huge request a (...)

clicks: 3161 3161 2011-05-19 2011-05-19 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews misc

30 Colorful Examples of Vector-based Artworks

If you search the internet for a while, you will come to know that vector art or vector images are t (...)

clicks: 3056 3056 2011-05-18 2011-05-18 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews misc

New WordPress Power Tips For Template Developers And Consultants

It has been a big year for WordPress. If there were still some lingering doubts about its potency as (...)

clicks: 3195 3195 2011-05-16 2011-05-16 goto url (new window) smashingmagazin... goto myNews misc