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Well, a bit of cool news found today. it looks as though U2 and Green Day are joining forces for a new single, a tribute to New Orleans with proceeds going to music rising, the organization that u2 guitarist the edge helped start to house and support the musicians that were affected by Katrina.

The song is a cover of the 1978 punk single 'the saints are coming' by the skids, an obscure scottish band known more for the fact that their guitarist, the late Stuart Adamson, was the hands behind the band 'big country', who had that seminal 80's hit song 'in a big country'. 'the saints' is an obscure tune to be sure (it did make #48 on the brit singles charts), but one that seems to be a great fit, for the bands and the city. dunno when it's coming out and it's not leaked yet, at least i can't find it from my usual sources. but when i get it so do you...

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Green Day and U2 "The Saints Are Coming" video

Well, a bit of cool news found today. it looks as though U2 and Green Day are joining forces for a n (...)

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