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Query Eye For the Database Guy

You gotta be a developer to love it, but if you are it's pretty funny! :) (...)

clicks: 4302 4302 2006-10-03 2006-10-03 goto url (new window) images.ucomics.... goto myNews entretenimento

Visual Studio vs. Vista: What's going on here?

It started off with what Microsoft probably hoped would be viewed as good news: the announcement on (...)

clicks: 3183 3183 2006-10-03 2006-10-03 goto url (new window) theserverside.n... goto myNews software

Q - Equational Programming Language

Q is a functional programming language based on term rewriting. Thus, a Q program or "script" is sim (...)

clicks: 3359 3359 2006-10-03 2006-10-03 goto url (new window) q-lang.sourcefo... goto myNews programacao

Compress Your JavaScript

I have been doing some web applications lately, and wanted to compress my JavaScript files so that p (...)

clicks: 3298 3298 2006-10-03 2006-10-03 goto url (new window) codeandcoffee.c... goto myNews programacao

The Dennis Ritchie Interview (founder of C)

An interview with Dennis Ritchie famous for the founding of the C programming language and the co-in (...)

clicks: 4782 4782 2006-10-03 2006-10-03 goto url (new window) forums.programm... goto myNews software

Software Horror Stories

Here are 107 software horror stories where making a programming mistake can cost you your job or eve (...)

clicks: 4100 4100 2006-10-03 2006-10-03 goto url (new window) forums.programm... goto myNews software

A PHP V5 migration guide

With the new language features of PHP V5, you can significantly improve your code's maintainability (...)

clicks: 3413 3413 2006-10-01 2006-10-01 goto url (new window) www-128.ibm.com... goto myNews programacao

Entrevista sobre Pinto da Costa

Bem, isto toca a todos! No hard feelings caros amigos tripeiros! ;) (...)

clicks: 4073 4073 2006-09-30 2006-09-30 goto url (new window) youtube.com/wat... goto myNews entretenimento

How much do you charge for your software?

Your software's ready to use, everything is set up, but before it reaches its users, one problem com (...)

clicks: 5057 5057 2006-09-28 2006-09-28 goto url (new window) avangate.com/ar... goto myNews tecnologia

12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards

When I first encountered Cascading Style Sheets in the autumn of 1998, I was trying to do cool stuff (...)

clicks: 3139 3139 2006-09-28 2006-09-28 goto url (new window) alistapart.com/... goto myNews tecnologia

Why do we compare Programming Languages?

I don't know. May be just for academic reasons, because there is no relevance in practical life. I r (...)

clicks: 3351 3351 2006-09-28 2006-09-28 goto url (new window) blogs.inspions.... goto myNews tecnologia

Developing for Vista

The imminent arrival of Windows Vista is a mixed blessing for developers. The good bit is lots of ne (...)

clicks: 4155 4155 2006-09-28 2006-09-28 goto url (new window) regdeveloper.co... goto myNews tecnologia

An Introduction to LINQ - Part 3

In the previous installment of this series on LINQ, you learned the basics of DLINQ and saw how to u (...)

clicks: 3329 3329 2006-09-28 2006-09-28 goto url (new window) 15seconds.com/i... goto myNews programacao

An Introduction to LINQ - Part 2

In Part 1 of this series on LINQ, you learned all the basics of LINQ including type inference, Lamda (...)

clicks: 3429 3429 2006-09-28 2006-09-28 goto url (new window) 15seconds.com/i... goto myNews programacao

An Introduction to LINQ - Part 1

Most programmers today are required to integrate some sort of data into their applications. Often, y (...)

clicks: 3417 3417 2006-09-28 2006-09-28 goto url (new window) 15seconds.com/i... goto myNews programacao

PHP DataObjects: Simplifying Business Logic without SQL

I was recently talked into writing an article on building a simple ORM solution in PHP for a local d (...)

clicks: 3425 3425 2006-09-26 2006-09-26 goto url (new window) forums.devnetwo... goto myNews programacao

Passing JavaScript variables to PHP

JavaScript is mainly used as a client side scripting language, while PHP is a server side technology (...)

clicks: 3765 3765 2006-09-26 2006-09-26 goto url (new window) webcheatsheet.c... goto myNews programacao


clicks: 4543 4543 2006-09-26 2006-09-26 goto url (new window) diariodigital.s... goto myNews desporto

AJAX Demythified for PHP Programmers

To simply and efficiently ***use*** AJAX on your PHP-driven websites, without having to plunge into (...)

clicks: 3351 3351 2006-09-26 2006-09-26 goto url (new window) expertsrt.com/a... goto myNews programacao

Linux crashes on aircraft

Linux OS crashes on Air Algerie Airbus A330 and the whole aircraft is rebooted see acompanying image (...)

clicks: 4087 4087 2006-09-26 2006-09-26 goto url (new window) irintech.com/x1... goto myNews entretenimento

New to XML? No problem

Need help getting started with XML? The XML zone on developerWorks contains articles, tutorials, and (...)

clicks: 3163 3163 2006-09-26 2006-09-26 goto url (new window) www-128.ibm.com... goto myNews tecnologia


clicks: 4395 4395 2006-09-26 2006-09-26 goto url (new window) correiodamanha.... goto myNews portugal


clicks: 4300 4300 2006-09-26 2006-09-26 goto url (new window) correiodamanha.... goto myNews portugal