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clicks: 4483 4483 2006-08-07 2006-08-07 goto url (new window) johnkyrk.com/ev... goto myNews ciencia

Drag and Drop Ajax Programming With Atlas

Just about every book or article I've read about Atlas has given me a headache. They seem to have tw (...)

clicks: 3724 3724 2006-08-07 2006-08-07 goto url (new window) windowsdevcente... goto myNews programacao

AJAX Suggest Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through creating a search suggest similar in fashion to that of Google S (...)

clicks: 3566 3566 2006-08-07 2006-08-07 goto url (new window) dynamicajax.com... goto myNews programacao

Discover Internet Protocol, version 6 (IPv6)

The next-generation protocol, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), is the future of the Internet. Lea (...)

clicks: 3461 3461 2006-08-05 2006-08-05 goto url (new window) www-128.ibm.com... goto myNews tecnologia

What Is XSL?

Remember the good old days, when the internet consisted of nothing more than a few simple websites f (...)

clicks: 3607 3607 2006-08-05 2006-08-05 goto url (new window) newcybertech.co... goto myNews programacao

Top 10 Excuses Made by Programmers

Good programmer's never re-invent the wheel, so even the excuses when something doesn't work or get (...)

clicks: 4366 4366 2006-08-05 2006-08-05 goto url (new window) geek24.com/g/to... goto myNews entretenimento


clicks: 4613 4613 2006-08-03 2006-08-03 goto url (new window) correiodamanha.... goto myNews desporto

Example: How to contribute a patch to an Open Source Project like DasBlog

Lots of discussion going on around the death of NDoc and Open Source as a viable option for .NET pro (...)

clicks: 3643 3643 2006-08-03 2006-08-03 goto url (new window) hanselman.com/b... goto myNews programacao

Firefox Extension Development Tutorial :: Overview

This tutorial has been created for individuals wanting to develop full-featured extensions for the M (...)

clicks: 3494 3494 2006-08-03 2006-08-03 goto url (new window) rietta.com/~fra... goto myNews software

Mozilla Firefox v1.5.0.6 Final

Mozilla Firefox project (formerly Firebird, which was formerly Phoenix) is a redesign of Mozilla's b (...)

clicks: 3450 3450 2006-08-03 2006-08-03 goto url (new window) mozilla.osuosl.... goto myNews software

Top 10 Ways to De-Motivate Geeks

1. Insult their ability or intelligence 2. Take credit for their work 3. Don't communicate eno (...)

clicks: 4684 4684 2006-08-02 2006-08-02 goto url (new window) kohari.org/2006... goto myNews entretenimento

Top 10 Ways to Motivate Geeks

1. Geeks are curious. Let them feed their desire to learn things 2. Geeks like to be self-sustain (...)

clicks: 4449 4449 2006-08-02 2006-08-02 goto url (new window) retrospector.co... goto myNews entretenimento

Os primeiros a construir casas na lua


clicks: 3587 3587 2006-08-02 2006-08-02 goto url (new window) portugaldiario.... goto myNews ciencia

SOA gurus: .NET simpler than Java, but stuck in Windows

In the late 1990s, Microsoft executives bashed the Java platform at every opportunity, but now SOA a (...)

clicks: 3770 3770 2006-08-02 2006-08-02 goto url (new window) searchwebservic... goto myNews programacao

Thinking XML: Good advice for creating XML

Principles of XML design from the community at large. The use of XML has become widespread, but m (...)

clicks: 3408 3408 2006-08-02 2006-08-02 goto url (new window) www-128.ibm.com... goto myNews programacao

Intel Core 2 Duo Family review

After much hype and anticipation, the new Intel Core 2 Duo processors are now available in stores wi (...)

clicks: 4450 4450 2006-08-02 2006-08-02 goto url (new window) techspot.com/re... goto myNews tecnologia

Ah "ganda" Mel Gibson!


clicks: 4450 4450 2006-08-02 2006-08-02 goto url (new window) abcnews.go.com/... goto myNews entretenimento


clicks: 5635 5635 2006-08-01 2006-08-01 goto url (new window) correiodamanha.... goto myNews portugal

Aptana - The Web IDE

Aptana is a robust, JavaScript-focused IDE for building dynamic web applications. Highlights include (...)

clicks: 3479 3479 2006-08-01 2006-08-01 goto url (new window) aptana.com/ goto myNews software

Beware of XHTML

Advancing web developers have probably heard about XHTML, the eXtensible HyperText Markup Language d (...)

clicks: 4754 4754 2006-08-01 2006-08-01 goto url (new window) eioba.com/a376/... goto myNews programacao

The Big Bang - Common Misconceptions

Recently, I've been hanging out on some message boards and realized that, just like with evolution, (...)

clicks: 3860 3860 2006-07-31 2006-07-31 goto url (new window) angryastronomer... goto myNews ciencia

Free Download: MSDN Library May 2006 Edition

For the first time, we're making the MSDN Library freely available for download from Microsoft Downl (...)

clicks: 3621 3621 2006-07-31 2006-07-31 goto url (new window) microsoft.com/d... goto myNews programacao

Microsoft: .Net Beat Java, Who's Next?

Microsoft is leaving Java in the dust, but the company still has room to grow in the developer arena (...)

clicks: 3529 3529 2006-07-31 2006-07-31 goto url (new window) eweek.com/artic... goto myNews programacao