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To simply and efficiently ***use*** AJAX on your PHP-driven websites, without having to plunge into theosophical arguments about XML, DTDs or frameworks.

When it comes to AJAX, discussions can turn into things like this ERT Forum's topic because the proposed Article didn't mention "AJAX frameworks", "JSON and others alternatives", "Using data islands in conjunction with XMLDOM"...
Well, I don't give a s**t and will not enter this ranting discussion.
All I want is to be able to USE the so-called buzz/hype/must-do technique called AJAX, and to be able to do this SIMPLY for a very SIMPLE purpose : to be able to trigger client-side queries to the server, whilst using PHP on the server to generate the client's DHTML code. For instance to enable the user to update a tree menu's labels stored in a RDBMS on the server. Or to dynamically get from that very same RDBMS data based on the current selection on a listbox, triggered by OnChange() event. I did all of that using the hereafter-described technique.

You could indeed say that what I need is "only Remote Scripting", but to me and as far as I am aware, AJAX is nothing more than "XMLHttpRequest + Javascript" (QUOTE : "AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML" ). Call it "Remote Scripting" if you like. I personally don't care at all.

You can get a full description of AJAX in English (presents the AJAX basic use the same way as the above ERT Discussion) at http://www.javarss.com/ajax/j2ee-ajax.html and you can get a remarkable description of the XMLHttpRequest Object at http://openweb.eu.org/articles/objet_xmlhttprequest/ in French.

este é só um excerto do artigo, para aceder ao artigo completo, clique no link em baixo:
this is just a small excerpt from the article, to access the full article please click in the link below:


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