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The purpose of this blog entry is to describe, in painful detail, each step in the life of an ASP.NET MVC request from birth to death. I want to understand everything that happens when you type a URL in a browser and hit the enter key when requesting a page from an ASP.NET MVC website.

Why do I care? There are two reasons. First, one of the promises of ASP.NET MVC is that it will be a very extensible framework. For example, you'll be able to plug in different view engines to control how your website content is rendered. You also will be able to manipulate how controllers get generated and assigned to particular requests. I want to walk through the steps involved in an ASP.NET MVC page request because I want to discover any and all of these extensibility points.

Second, I'm interested in Test-Driven Development. In order to write unit tests for controllers, I need to understand all of the controller dependencies. When writing my tests, I need to mock certain objects using a mocking framework such as Typemock Isolator or Rhino Mocks. If I don't understand the page request lifecycle, I won't be able to effectively mock it.

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