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I recently had to work on an application that I hadn't looked at for several months. In the intervening time, I had forgotten how much I hate ASP.NET Postbacks and Viewstate.

Like all technologies worth using, it's possible to do really evil things with ASP.NET, but to my mind it actually makes it more likely that such evil things will happen even in the hands of an experienced developer.

Much of this comes from the lack of a Page Master system in ASP.NET 1.1 (now added in 2.0), but also the idea that working with code that abstracts HTML is easier than working with HTML itself. That's right, ASP.NET is the mother of all leaky abstractions.

For starters, it has an extremely large API (System.Web and its related namespaces contain 1000s of classes, Interfaces and Enumerations) that attempts to abstract away an HTML developer's job. In my experience, this attempt is a failure. If you're writing an in-house time-tracking application in a small company, the built-in controls are probably ideal. For a web agency (like us) that is very precise about accessibility, standards compliance and beautiful design, these controls simply aren't good enough, and arguably they never could be.

What I do like is the hosting APIs, the HTTP pipeline, the codebehind model and data binding. We have written our own Repeater-like controls (with the help of Nikhil Kothari's excellent book Developing ASP.NET Server Controls and Components) that bind to a data source declaratively, and provide strongly-typed access to the results. We don't use DataTable or DataSet binding except in a very very few circumstances because you've no control over the data structure. We use IDataReader and strongly-typed entities and collections instead.

Onto Viewstate! 90% of developers we interview don't know how Viewstate works, even though they are strong on many other aspects of .NET, web development and programming generally. Very few can describe the process by which a client-side action such as clicking a link generated by LinkButton results in a server-side event being raised. Even fewer understand the intricacies of the Page life-cycle (the difference between a constructor on a Page-derived class, OnInit, OnLoad etc). What this does is raise the quality bar required to develop good ASP.NET applications. Note I said good applications. By this I mean applications that can be maintained by someone other than the original coder.

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