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Some database applications require you to perform a series of actions where you know only that some actions must be performed before others. Before you can perform the actions, you must work out a safe sequence that takes into account all of the dependencies. This week in The Database Programmer we will see an algorithm for doing this.


There are many examples where a programmer must work out dependencies before doing something.

A manufacturing package may track many steps in the manufacture of an item. Some steps cannot be performed until others are complete. A simple system would require the end-user to work out the entire process, but a better system would let the user enter only the dependencies: which processes require others to be complete. In this kind of system the computer can be used to schedule manufacturing tasks.

All popular Linux distributions have a package installation system in which each package lists its required dependencies. If you want to install a large number of packages in one shot, producing a tangled bunch of related dependencies, today's algorithm can be used to work them all out.

If you are using a data dictionary to build tables, every foreign key represents a dependency, where the child table requires the parent table to exist before it can be built. Today's algorithm can be used to sequence the tables and build them in order.

Another database example is generating code to perform calculations. Some calculations will depend on previous calculations, so your code generator must be able to sequence them all so that the calculations are performed in the proper order.

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