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Partial methods are a new feature available in C# 3.0 that don't seem to get enough credit. I think there was a lot of confusion early on about what partial methods were and how they were used.

Partial methods are intended to solve a major problem that is not only caused by code-generation tools and also affects those same tools. For instance, you are writing a code-generation tool but want to provide a way for the developers that are using your generated classes to hook in to specific areas of the code. As such, you don't want them editing your generated code since those customizations will be lost the next time the tool runs. On the flip side of this scenario is the developer who needs to write the code that hooks into those specific areas and doesn't want that code being lost the next time the tool runs.

Delegates are one solution to this type of problem. In the generated code, you declare a delegate method that you then call at the appropriate areas. If no one has implemented a concrete version of the delegate, the call will not do anything. However, if someone has implemented am instance of that delegate then the call will run the code in that instance. This sounds like a pretty good solution, and, until partial methods it really was the only solution. The drawback is that the code for the delegate is always compiled in to the runtime of your application and add to the runtime overhead of application (granted, that overhead is minimal but it's still there).

Partial classes helped with this problem by allowing the code-generation tools to isolate the generated code in a partial class. This allowed the developer to add their own methods to the class without fear that they would be overwritten the next time the tool ran. However, it only helped partially. In order to accomplish our scenario, you still needed to provide a delegate to allow the developer to hook into your process.

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