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This is the first example in my series for CSS tableless design Basics. I will eventually expose an ASP.NET project later on once I start building more tutorials for free access in which you can see all these examples and more later on for download. And I think the dryer the post is about CSS or a book is, the harder it is to understand so I'm going to try to talk as though I'm teaching someone, not just spitting out technical terms here.

First off, I'm a huge advocate for tableless design especially when coding views in ASP.NET MVC. Even if not using MVC you should really start to get a grasp of it now, and quite frankly people we're in 2009, there's is no excuse for it and the web expects it. Your designer expects you to be able to accommodate his creative. And your team expects to be able to maintain good quality mark-up. At first it seems daunting and scary to make the leap but I can tell you first hand once you start to get it, it gets so much more easy and you realize the power and flexibility that you could never get with tables. In fact my design time is cut in half now after spending a good month in tableless design. At first it was a bit daunting and frustrating but that only lasts a couple months. And you won't believe how your page is simplified and footprint is reduced when you're not using tables! It's so much easier to read people!

este é só um excerto do artigo, para aceder ao artigo completo, clique no link em baixo:
this is just a small excerpt from the article, to access the full article please click in the link below:


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