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After years of devleopement with Java, my company surprised me nicely(!) by putting me to a .Net project which is already in maintenance phase. they had performance issues, and rightfully they needed to fix it ASAP. Problem is, None of the original developers are around. Nobody really knows whats going on it the code. There were a lot of BAD desicions on the the project history. Like using NHibernate, which at the time NOBODY used, and it was buggy, not mature at all (i doubt if it is used frequently now eihter). Developers changed and with the time pressure new developers did not care about actually learning the ORM framework, they just copied whatever they saw on the code. No enthusiasm, nothing. Things can go pretty bad if you use (N)Hibernate without really understanding it with bad entity model, unnecessarily complex parent-child relations, Lazy loading , unique object issues etc. This was one of the case (and no, i am not the best ORM expert in the world).
But that is not the worst part. when i entered the code with the idiotic Visual Studio 2003, i see the code of horror ( a quick note: we are sort of stucked with .Net 1.1 and VS 2003. i dont know what people are smoking when they say Visual Studio is a good developement environment. it is absymal, 2005 version is a little improved but nonetheless it is like code coloring notepad comparing with IDEA. Thankfully there was re-sharper plugin, so pain was not so severe.) . Even tough almost no C# experience, thanks to its similarity to Java, quickly i managed to find coding crimes. Here is a small collection of the things i have found (by no means all of them):

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