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Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX provides the ability to easily create your own AJAX-compatible controls and control extenders. An ASP.NET AJAX Server Control is similar to the standard old ASP.NET Server Control, but it adds client-side features and capabilities based on Microsoft's AJAX framework.

A "Control Extender" is a non-visual control that extends the capabilities of another control. One thing that all control extenders have in common is a property named TargetControlID, which is intended to reference a specific instance of the control type that it is extending. The ASP.NET AJAX Server Control Extender we'll create in this article extends the classic ASP.NET TextBox control with the ability to restrict its input to numeric characters only. To do this, it will utilize Microsoft's AJAX framework.

ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls inherit from the new ScriptControl class, while ASP.NET AJAX Server Control Extenders inherit from the nearly identical ExtenderControl class. The ScriptControl class (which inherits from WebControl) enables a number of AJAX-related functions. For example, it verifies that a ScriptManager control exists on the page. The ScriptControl class implements the IScriptControl interface.

In slight contrast, the ExtenderControl class inherits from the Control class, and implements the IExtenderControl interface. The IExtenderControl interface is virtually identical to the IScriptControl interface; they both define two functions: GetScriptDescriptors and GetScriptReferences.

The GetScriptDescriptors method is used to supply a list of related JavaScript files. Similarly, the GetScriptReferences method is used to supply a list of ScriptReference objects that represent each of those scripts. Both the ScriptControl and the ExtenderControl classes use these methods to ensure exactly one reference to each JavaScript file is output to the page's HTML during the render event.

Because of the similarities between the ScriptControl and ExtenderControl classes, the process of creating a basic AJAX Server Control is virtually identical to the process of creating a basic AJAX Server Control Extender. Once you've learned how to create one, you've essentially learned how to create both.

So, let's put all this theory to work and create an AJAX Server Control Extender that limits textbox entry to decimal characters only.

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