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I've had this idea kicking around for a while that it would be useful to build some kind of utility that took HTML as an input and output the correct DOM methods for inserting that content into a document. To start with I thought this would be some kind of PHP regex extravaganza, but in talking to Mike Davies and kicking some ideas around about this, I realised that the best way to make this work would be to use innerHTML to insert the HTML and to then recurse down the inserted HTML to generate the DOM insert statements. There's a beautiful kind of irony in using innerHTML to indirectly generate DOM structures. Also the forgiving nature of innerHTML will mean that you can get away with missing closing tags etc.
Who is this Tool for?

It's for either programmers who want to save time not having to write out long DOM structures manually (you can read that as lazy programmers if you want!). Plus it's also potentially a useful starting point for someone who is not knowledgeable of JavaScript but would like to experiment with inserting HTML into a Document using DOM methods.

When writing this tool I had in mind making it possible to prototype code quickly by taking a snippet from an HTML mock. Obviously for production use the output of this tool would probably need optimising in most cases.
How do I use it?

To use DOMTool simply paste an HTML snippet into the input field, press "Create DOM Statements" and voila, there you have the DOM sequence to create that content.

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