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Creating a CodeIgniter application is easier than you might think. Take a guided tour through your first project: a simple Web page with a contact form.

If you're a PHP developer, it doesn't take long to make a profound discovery when it comes to your programming language of choice: Large projects can get messy.

This isn't exactly PHP's fault. Yes, the language is feature-rich, and it has just enough idiomatic elasticity to distinguish one programmer's work from another's. In this regard, PHP is similar to Perl, which is one of the reasons some people love it (and others despise it). Any experienced PHP developer who has reviewed a legacy PHP project can easily detect the work of different developers over the phases of the project-it's as though you were an archaeologist peering into a deep vault and witnessing the march of different cultures in their respective epochs.

Regardless of the styles involved or the approaches used, PHP projects of more than a few thousand lines tend to get messy in a hurry. This is mostly because they aren't uniform in structure. Some programmers create classes to organize their work, but it seems that no two programmers have the same ideas about how to write their classes. Other programmers build massive include files full of functions. Still others use huge, monolithic libraries like PEAR.

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