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XML really makes it easy to move data from here to there and from there to here. However, eventually the data needs to be stored somewhere, most likely in a relational database. Here is how Edmond Woychowsky gets data from an XML document into a relational database.

Between AJAX, Web services and just plain XML there is a plethora of information going to and fro. Yes, XML really makes it easy to move data from here to there and from there to here. While this is really great it totally ignores the fact that eventually the data needs to be stored somewhere, most likely in a relational database. This leaves but a single question, how to get the information from the XML document into the relational database?

In a perfect world this type of procedure would be transparent; unfortunately this isn't a perfect world. If it were I'd look like Brad Pitt and have a Bill Gates type checkbook, alas. In order to make it as close to perfect as we can here are our choices:

1. Plastic surgery
2. Unleash my killer robot army

Oops, wrong list. Let's try that again.

1. A plain vanilla looping approach using a single SQL statement per insert
2. A plain vanilla looping approach building a number of delimited SQL statements, which can be executed at once.
3. A bizarre mad scientist approach using XSL to create SQL

Care to venture a guess as to which approach I'm going to be using?

Yeah, number 3 is definitely the way to go. So let's take a look at the XML that we'll be dealing with which is shown in Listing A. Nothing flashy, just what is necessary for a proof of concept.

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