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If you've looked at the ASP.NET MVC framework, you might have wondered how it fits within the rest of the ASP.NET lifecycle. To understand it though, the ASP.NET request lifecycle needs to be understood first.

What happens when an ASP.NET request is made?

The answer depends on the version of IIS being used. In IIS 5.0 / 6.0, ASP.NET support was accomplished using an isapi extension i.e. aspnet_isapi.dll. In IIS 5.0 / 6.0 there is a distinct handover of the request from IIS to .NET before any managed code can respond to the request. This is achieved by mapping certain extensions like .aspx, .asmx etc to aspnet_isapi.dll extension by using application mapping within IIS manager interface.

But in IIS 7.0 (running in integrated mode) things are different. IIS 7.0 integrates the ASP.NET runtime with the core web server and there is no specific handoff needed from IIS to ASP.NET. Thus for a managed HttpModule to execute, the request doesn't have to be routed to ASP.NET first. A managed HttpModule can be added via IIS manager itself and can be made to execute for both managed and native requests. Similarly a managed HttpHandler class can be mapped to specific extensions directly via IIS manager (which stores the configuration in applicationHost.config file.) or via the web application's web.config file.

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