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CollegeHumor, like many websites that want to reduce database requests and speed up processing, uses memcached as a caching layer. This article will explain our software implementation and discuss a number of things we learned along the way. If you read my blog you will know I'm a PHP guy. CollegeHumor is also coded in PHP. None of the concepts covered in this post will be specific to any particular programming language. There will be a few simple PHP examples.

Let's jump right into the class setup... Our cache class is a completely static class and can't be instantiated on its own. When our application starts up a create_instance function is called which will create a connection to memcache in a static object stored in our class. Shortly after the instance is created, our config file is loaded and we add the servers that make up our memcache pool. Really nothing fancy happening thus far...

Besides the create_instance and the add_server functions our class only has three main public functions; get, set and delete. When I say main, those are really the only three functions we use throughout our application, everything else is for internal use by the cache class. There are also a few logging and stats functions which aren't important for this article.

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