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With the imminent release of the ASP.NET MVC Framework, I thought I'd explore some of the arguments behind using it.

This post will invariably be contentious and cause a ripple of indignation amongst the proponents of the MVC approach but I feel it's important to explore the arguments behind adoption of the new model as well as the technical and emotional implications of moving to the new development process.

One thing that has irritated me about the discussions which have spawned from the publication of details around the MVC framework is the smear campaign which has been started around the Web Forms model. I strongly support the Web Forms model and believe that the majority of the flaws in Web Forms that MVC purports to overcome are easily solvable by following the guidance and advice of experienced ASP.NET developers.

I want to bring the argument out of academia which is where it's been relishing in it's position for some weeks and back into the real world of actual day to day development.

So to help explore some of the propaganda issues raised by the MVC crowd we'll look at each of the arguments in depth (how deep will be determined by the appropriate level of rage it incites in me).

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