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Generics are a means of expressing type constraints on the behavior of a class or method in terms of unknown types, such as "whatever the types of parameters x and y of this method are, they must be the same type," "you must provide a parameter of the same type to both of these methods," or "the return value of foo() is the same type as the parameter of bar()."

Wildcards - the funky question marks where a type parameter should go - are a means of expressing a type constraint in terms of an unknown type. They were not part of the original design for generics (derived from the Generic Java (GJ) project); they were added as the design process played out over the five years between the formation of JSR 14 and its final release.

Wildcards play an important role in the type system; they provide a useful type bound for the family of types specified by a generic class. For the generic class ArrayList, the type ArrayList is a supertype of ArrayList for any (reference) type T (as are the raw type ArrayList and the root type Object, but these supertypes are far less useful for performing type inference).

The wildcard type List is different from both the raw type List and the concrete type List. To say a variable x has type List means that there exists some type T for which x is of type List, that x is homogeneous even though we don't know what particular type its elements have. It's not that the contents can be anything, it's that we don't know what the type constraints on the contents are - but we know that there is a constraint. On the other hand, the raw type List is heterogeneous; we are not able to place any type constraints on its elements, and the concrete type List means that we explicitly know that it can contain any object. (Of course, the generic type system has no concept of "the contents of a list," but it is easiest to understand generics in terms of collection types like List.)

The utility of wildcards in the type system comes partially from the fact that generic types are not covariant. Arrays are covariant; because Integer is a subtype of Number, the array type Integer[] is a subtype of Number[], and therefore an Integer[] value can be supplied wherever a value of Number[] is required. On the other hand, generics are not covariant; List is not a subtype of List, and attempting to supply a List where a List is demanded is a type error. This was not an accident - nor necessarily the error that everyone assumes it to be - but the different behavior of generics vs. arrays does cause a great deal of confusion.

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