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First a warning, I am not going to explain a lot about the basics of Mongo. Still I'll write down why I was curious enough to try it out and I give some pointers to where you can find more information.

So why MongoDB. They claim to have the ideal combination of storing documents in a flexible manner and still be able to search them in ways you would do with a relational database. Storing documents instead of rows in tables feels more natural. I have been using Hippo now for a few years. They use JackRabbit for a datastore. They store everything in trees. Performance and scalability are not very easy to accomplish. Therefore I am very curious what storing documents in MongoDB will bring. The way MongoDB deals with searches is interesting. You can create queries that use nested properties of a document to query on. I'll have some samples, especially for things like sorting and paging through your results.

As you should know from this blog, I am a java programmer. Therefore I need to connect to Mongo through a java API. Mongo supports a lot of different Drivers to connect to it. Of course a java driver is available as well. I'll show you some things that were harder to find in the normal api documentation.

You probably know Mongo does not have real transactions. Well that is the whole intention. MongoDB does support other mechanisms to make sure data is consistent, however, by default it is more optimized for speed. I'll go over some things like "Write Concern", "Batch inserts".

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