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Reverse engineering is one of the skills necessary on many Linux software projects, because many file formats have no open specifications. Even if we have a specification, we will probably have to reverse engineer certain portions to learn all the details. Reverse engineering is a rewarding experience. Not only do we learn something in detail, but it is satisfying to offer Linux users access to previously unsupported devices.

This article discusses the specific example of reverse engineering the iTunesDB file format used by the Apple iPod portable MP3 player. Although this example covers a file format, we can use similar techniques for device drivers and network streams.

The key strategies for reverse engineering are hypothesis, pattern recognition and validation. We use hypotheses to guess what will be in the file. All files contain repeated patterns, and recognizing those patterns is the key to reverse engineering. Validation consists of developing software to check whether a file conforms to a format. If we can tell that a file is valid, we understand the format.

We need a hypothesis for the types of information an unknown file format contains. We know that an iPod plays digital music and the songs can be organized into playlists. Because we can't find any other files on the iPod hard disk for storing this information, we guess that it will be in the iTunesDB file. The goal of trying to find song and playlist information narrows our search when we look for patterns in the file.

Although every file format contains repeated patterns, the trick is recognizing these patterns and learning how to parse them. Opening a file in a hex editor allows us to examine the raw data for patterns. Figure 1 contains the first 256 bytes of an iTunesDB file as shown by Emacs in hexl-mode. The first column is the file position; then there are eight columns, each column containing two bytes. The final column is the ever-helpful ASCII representation of the data.

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