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Remoting is basically an architecture available in the .NET framework for distributed objects. It is an alternative to web services, but with some key differences. The purpose of this article isn't to compare the 2 methods for developing distributed applications, I'm assuming if you are reading this article you are at least familiar with what remoting is. I'm going to walk through an example using remoting, and hopefully at the end you will have a better understanding of how the process works. If you don't want to go through the process of creating the solution and just want to see the example, you can download it here.

Before we get into an example, let's take a minute and review how remoting works. Remoting is a way to allow software components to interact outside of their application domains, processes, and / or machines. One key point to make...while web services are cross platform, remoting requires that the client and server pieces both be in a .NET language. This can also be an advantage over web services if this is your environment anyway. You can use binary serialization, which will be less bloated than the SOAP protocol, therefore more efficient. There are also security implications to using remoting, but I won't get into those in this article. Here is a good place to start to understand some of the security considerations you should keep in mind.

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