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I ran across an interesting series of blog posts by Karsten Wagner claiming that OOP is dead (part 2 and part 3). The premise behind these posts is that OOP has failed to deliver and that it is on the decline in favor of more functional or meta programming techniques. Maybe its true that the discussion of the merits of OOP is on the decline. At least if you read reddit.

However, OOP is not on the decline. Quite simply, it has become mature. The discussion may be on the decline because almost every language that anyone actually uses implements a core set of OOP features. OOP has won its arguments. Good luck taking a language mainstream without it.

Oh, yeah, there are some OOP features that are still controversial or unusual. There is the single versus multiple inheritance debate, or perhaps Ruby's open classes. But, I think these things have a way of cross-pollinating across the popular languages when they make sense.

A good example of this cross-pollination is happening now with properties, accessor methods and the uniform access principle. Language support for declared accessor method is slowly creeping across all of the major languages. Not that Objective C is all that popular, but Objective C 2.0 adds support for 'em. Even stodgy old Java is considering language level property support.

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