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Every time I start a new web project, I have to ask myself the one question that developers have to answer all the time. "Do I reinvent the wheel?" Frameworks have become a major player in online development, they carry lots of benefits in helping you efficiently writing applications and doing so quickly. Frameworks can also help you with scaling issues. If your application or service grows in users, frameworks can sometimes help you with that load. And no one can forget AJAX, some frameworks even have built in support to allow you to easily include spiffy AJAX effects into your application.

I for one, have yet to use a framework in a real world application and this has been out of choice. My main reason for never implementing a framework is because it most of my cases it would be an overkill. None of my applications would see 1/4 the benefits of using a framework. In addition, like most developers, I suffer from the "wanting to build it myself" gene. Even if it is already written by someone else, and even if it would make my life a lot easier; I still want to create it myself. Why? To see if I can do it. In addition, a lot of the frameworks out there are open source and development on them is moving along really fast right now. It is great to see innovation come that fast, it is definitely something that the commercial software industry can't compete with. However, this might deter some developers because they now have to stay on top of the development and update their framework with bug fixes and new features. Additionally the more popular that framework becomes, the more exploits thee might be.

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