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Critical operations done by web pages (e.g. writing stuff to databases, creating users, or deletion of stuff) should be secured from various actions. These actions are, for example, unauthorized access or multiple execution by simply refreshing the page. When I got into the situation (and also the project) that the refreshing issue came up, the project was already way too big (200+ pages, different kinds of users, etc.) to do anything on a per-page basis.

My colleagues already tried to convince our customer to not use F5 or the Refresh button of their browsers. They agreed, but users make mistakes as everyone knows, so from time to time, they do a page refresh. Since our logging is quite extensive, we were able to detect the error that occurred due to the refresh, but it is not satisfying to discuss with the customer over and over again about this issue.

However, I decided to write an HttpModule that covers this topic somehow. So, I read articles about page refreshing detections on MSDN, and this one: Using an HttpModule to detect page refresh, for instance. But they all required additional work on the web pages. In my case, it was totally OK to redirect refreshed pages, so I decided to take the basic idea on refreshing detection and put it in my own module.

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