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This is the first in a series of posts on C# and LINQ. These posts will describe a natural, easy to understand technique for querying data. When using LINQ, simply declare the question you want to ask, and then sit back and wait while the computer analyzes your query and finds an optimal way to retrieve your answer.

The development of LINQ involved input from many of the best minds at Microsoft. Anders Hejlsberg, researchers at the Microsoft research centers in Redmond and in Cambridge, England, the C# developer and test teams, the C# program managers, and others all contributed to the development of this language. As a result, it represents one of the major technical achievments that has come out of the Microsoft Developer Division in recent years.

When you hear talk about querying data, it is easy to imagine the kind of data that resides in a database. And indeed, you can use LINQ to query data in a database. However, LINQ does more than just run SQL queries. It can be used with almost any kind of data.

The acronym LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query. This means that LINQ is a technique for querying data that has been integrated into the C# language. For database programmers, this means that you don't have to embed SQL strings in your code anymore. Instead, a query language will be built into C#. For XML programmers, this means that you don't have to learn XPath, instead, a query language will be built into C#. You can, of course, continue to use any technology that you prefer, or any combination of technologies that seems optimal in a particular case. But LINQ is now built into the C# language and offers a native solution.

A wide variety of data sources will now be accessible through LINQ. You can use it to retrieve data from an array, or from a collection, or from any data source that supports IEnumerable or IQueryable. You can even query your own program and ask how many of its methods are public, or which classes reside in a particular namespace.

LINQ can, at least in theory, be part of any .NET language. For now, that means primarily C# and VB, but there has been talk of integrating LINQ into other languages, such as PHP and Python. LINQ will be released as part of the Orcas version of Visual Studio. At the time of this writing it is available in various Microsoft CTP's, and of course it will be part of the Orcas beta when it ships.

LINQ in Action

It's time to take a peak at the LINQ syntax as it appears in the May CTP. Note that LINQ is still under development and the syntax is still undergoing minor modifications. But for now, I strongly recommend installing the May CTP and taking LINQ out for a spin.

The code shown in Listing Two demonstrates a somewhat unorthodox way to use LINQ to query an array of string. I say it is unorthodox because I sidestep a few common LINQ idioms in order to write code that will look as familiar to you as possible. In future posts, I will talk more about the preferred way to write LINQ queries, but for now I want to limit the number of new ideas I introduce in this first pass over the subject.

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