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In this post I'm going to explain the query expression found in my previous article on LINQ. This series of posts is designed to get first time users of LINQ up and running. Subsequent entries will continue to explore query expressions and other basic building blocks useful to LINQ developers.

Before getting started, it might be useful to review the primary goals that motivate the LINQ technology. In the first post, I said that LINQ allows developers to write SQL, XML and other queries in fully type checked C# code. LINQ circumvents the need to call XPath or to embed SQL strings in your code. Querying is now a first class citizen of the C# language, and this means that the code you write is fully type checked, and follows strict rules that can be confirmed at compile time. You don't have to wait for run time to see if your code is fundamentally sound. Not all problems can be resolved at compile time, but LINQ greatly increases the number of problems which the compiler can resolve for you before your program is executed.

While reading this post, it is important to remember that LINQ is still under development. The code I'm showing here is not final, nor has the team finalized many of the terms used to describe the LINQ syntax. Nevertheless, a LINQ CTP is available, and more preview code is in the pipe. We want developers to begin using these bits so they can provide feedback to the C# team, and so they can understand the huge innovation that LINQ provides for C# developers.

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