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If you've had the chance to work with Flash 8, one of the first things you've probably noticed is the change in rendering texts on the screen. Better than ever, working with text in Flash is no longer a chore in pixel checks, font size checks, scrolling hacks and the like. Yay!

These days, when working with text online, either in Flash or plain HTML, the use of CSS is more common. Part of this is due to modern browsers aligning (more or less) to current CSS standards. The people at Macromedia saw this coming, and included sparse support for CSS text styling in MX2004. Support in Flash 8 is better, but there are still some catches. In this tutorial I will address the things to watch out for, the best situations for CSS styling, and a walkthrough in creating a CSS stylesheet, a Flash file accessing the stylesheet and a plain HTML file accessing the same stylesheet, generating a look similar to the Flash layout. Fun!

Why do this?
You may wonder why I'm excited about this and what some of the benefits are to using CSS to style your text content. One of the main motivators for me is that, if needed, I can style both Flash content and plain HTML content using the same stylesheet. There's no need for me to change things twice anymore. Also, due to more browsers respecting CSS standards, but some people still not upgrading or even using Flash players, you can provide a site in HTML/CSS that is nearly identical (though not animated) to your Flash site. This can also be a way to provide truly accessible pages to those with less than normal vision. And besides, it's fun!

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