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The Web designing has gained significant popularity over the last few years and the main job of a web developer or a designer is to create websites and content management systems to promote the site. There are many applications used in the web designing which helps to create a theme for a website. The web designers largely depend on the commercial applications like Fireworks, Illustrations, Adobe Photoshop and Indesign to satisfy their graphic design requirements. There are also certain supporting applications such as screen shot snapping, cross browser texting, FTP uploading, pixel measuring and many more.

There are several free Mac applications used by the web designers as well the developers. Some of them are the GIMP which allows the web designers to achieve or complete any work done by the Photoshop. Along with these applications, there are several high quality Plug-ins available. The Seashore application has many tools for layers, textures, gradients, and drawing. The Live Quartz is a Mac interface application that has the standard drawing tools and even complicated designs could be created using this application. Then the Inkscape, Kompozer, Seamonkey, Avaya, Scribus, Textwrangler, Simple CSS, Firebug, Virtualbox, Adobe Browserlab, MAMP and many more applications.

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