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With the downfall of Windows in 2006, launch of Vista, Apple managed to get a good share in the Desktop OS world. This is the reason why we have seen phenomenal growth of Mac OS. Of course, this growth cannot leave Windows behind. Since the announcement of the new hero, Windows 7, it's worth the hype to have it running with Mac OS.

Virtualization has been around for more than decade in Zen, VMWare, VirtualBox, parallels, and several others. Of these VirtualBox is the fastest but not as feature-Rich as VMWare products. VMWare Fusion is inclined towards Mac based Platform to virtualize almost any OS.

Mac users are deprived of certain apps that never made it to Leopard like certain VPN clients, etc. The best way is to run Windows inside Mac rather than having a dual-boot which wastes alot of time, Virtualization is the best solution.

VMWare Fusion 3, releasing later this month, is designed to take advantage of both the recently released Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and the upcoming Microsoft Windows 7. Fusion 3 is the most feature-full virtualization solution - Suitable and effective for Desktop users, than any other previous version of Virtualization apps. So let's go through the best feature one by one:

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