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How to create a bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive

The USB flash drive has replaced the floppy disk drive as the best storage medium for transferring f (...)

clicks: 3762 3762 2009-12-11 2009-12-11 goto url (new window) arstechnica.com... goto myNews software

Rescue Windows 7 in Five Minutes or Less

If things go wrong in Windows 7 and the OS fails to boot, don't fret. There's a good chance you can (...)

clicks: 3916 3916 2009-12-04 2009-12-04 goto url (new window) itexpertvoice.c... goto myNews software

VirtualBox 3.1 Killer Features

VirtualBox has always been leader in performance in the Virtualization world. With more than 20 .5 m (...)

clicks: 3181 3181 2009-12-03 2009-12-03 goto url (new window) taranfx.com/blo... goto myNews software

50 Helpful iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Developers

Nearing in on 100K (Apple approved) available apps as of this writing, the iPhone is the "do anythin (...)

clicks: 3054 3054 2009-12-03 2009-12-03 goto url (new window) net.tutsplus.co... goto myNews software

The Complete Guide To Microsoft's Office 2010

The web has been abuzz the past few weeks with chatter about Microsoft's announcement today at its W (...)

clicks: 3146 3146 2009-11-30 2009-11-30 goto url (new window) techcrunch.com/... goto myNews software

An Early Look At IE9 for Developers

We're just about a month after the Windows 7 launch, and wanted to show an early look at some of the (...)

clicks: 3036 3036 2009-11-20 2009-11-20 goto url (new window) blogs.msdn.com/... goto myNews software

10 Free Server and Network Monitoring Tools that Kick Ass

When you have a website or a network, it's helpful to be aware of any issues as soon as they occur. (...)

clicks: 3910 3910 2009-11-09 2009-11-09 goto url (new window) sixrevisions.co... goto myNews software

50 Common Mac Problems Solved

Mac problems? Isn't that an oxymoron? If you just switched to the Mac from Windows, you might be thi (...)

clicks: 3979 3979 2009-11-07 2009-11-07 goto url (new window) maclife.com/art... goto myNews software

10 great Alternatives to phpMyAdmin

Most people in the web development world are under the impression that phpMyAdmin is the only MySQL (...)

clicks: 4236 4236 2009-11-07 2009-11-07 goto url (new window) webdesigneronli... goto myNews software

11 Most Popular Open Source Softwares Of All Time

Today we are listing here 11 Most Popular Open Source Softwares Of All Time in which most of them ar (...)

clicks: 3046 3046 2009-10-29 2009-10-29 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews software

69 Awesomely Free Snow Leopard Compatible Apps

The word free gets thrown around quite a lot lately. Cell phone carriers offer "free" phones that ar (...)

clicks: 3514 3514 2009-10-26 2009-10-26 goto url (new window) maclife.com/art... goto myNews software

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7

For managing the Windows was and is always an easy task. Using keyboard shortcuts makes it more easi (...)

clicks: 3347 3347 2009-10-17 2009-10-17 goto url (new window) tutzone.net/200... goto myNews software

10 Cool Extensions for Google Chrome

For a lot of us Google Chrome is still not hot enough. The reason? It's still not extendable enough (...)

clicks: 4181 4181 2009-10-15 2009-10-15 goto url (new window) makeuseof.com/t... goto myNews software

The 10 Most Popular And Useful iPhone Apps

This is one of the very best list of its kind where you can find the iPhone version of popular apps. (...)

clicks: 4079 4079 2009-10-15 2009-10-15 goto url (new window) smashingapps.co... goto myNews software

VMWare Fusion 3: Run, Migrate Windows seamlessly to Mac OS

With the downfall of Windows in 2006, launch of Vista, Apple managed to get a good share in the Desk (...)

clicks: 3544 3544 2009-10-08 2009-10-08 goto url (new window) taranfx.com/blo... goto myNews software

Microsoft mulling 128-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 9

Believe it or not, Windows 7's successor(s) have been in the planning and early development stages f (...)

clicks: 3141 3141 2009-10-08 2009-10-08 goto url (new window) arstechnica.com... goto myNews software

35 Mac Apps to Improve Your Web Browsing Experience

Now that widespread connectivity means you're rarely without a web connection, the Internet has beco (...)

clicks: 3103 3103 2009-10-07 2009-10-07 goto url (new window) mac.appstorm.ne... goto myNews software

The Essential Safari Plugins for Web Developers

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc. First released as a public beta on 7 January 2003 on (...)

clicks: 3538 3538 2009-10-07 2009-10-07 goto url (new window) narga.net/the-e... goto myNews software

Imagine Running the Windows Operating System In Your Browser

The site is windows4all.com and it feels like you are running an online copy of the Windows operatin (...)

clicks: 3475 3475 2009-10-01 2009-10-01 goto url (new window) labnol.org/inte... goto myNews software

40+ Desert Island Web Development Tools

What would you do if you were suddenly stranded on a desert island in the middle of nowhere, with on (...)

clicks: 3143 3143 2009-09-30 2009-09-30 goto url (new window) smashingmagazin... goto myNews software


What is SlickPlan? SlickPlan is a web-based sitemap/flowchart generator that allows for th (...)

clicks: 2962 2962 2009-09-29 2009-09-29 goto url (new window) slickplan.com/i... goto myNews software

Microsoft confirms no Windows 7 restrictions for netbooks

Fears that netbook manufacturers would be forced to install a cut-down version of Windows 7 on their (...)

clicks: 3442 3442 2009-09-29 2009-09-29 goto url (new window) tgdaily.com/con... goto myNews software

The Barrelfish Operating System

Barrelfish is a new research operating system being built from scratch in a collaboration between ET (...)

clicks: 3267 3267 2009-09-28 2009-09-28 goto url (new window) barrelfish.org/ goto myNews software