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LCD Flat Panel Displays:
Think Thin.
Space at a premium? Sleek new LCD displays offer features that may make them the right choice. LCDs take up only a few inches of space on a desk and are so light that most can be mounted on a wall. They have non-glare, flicker-free screens that are great if you're working at the computer for hours at a time, and they generate less heat — something you and your air conditioner will appreciate on hot summer days. There are more LCD flat-panel displays on the market than ever before, and prices have never been lower. Flat-screen LCDs offer flat-out great features:

  • LCDs free up work space on your desktop

  • Flicker-free screens are easy on the eyes

  • Sharp, colorful images at the screen's native resolution

  • More usable display area than comparably sized CRTs

  • LCDs use less energy and generate less heat than CRTs

  • CRT Displays:
    Sharp image. Great value.
    Desk space and display weight not a big issue? You can get a great image at a budget price with today's improved CRT monitors. While admittedly bulky like the TV technology they're based on, CRTs can provide crisp, color-rich graphics and fluid video. If you're a desktop publisher, graphics designer or dedicated on-line gamer, you'll appreciate how easily images can be scaled up or down in different resolutions. CRTs also deliver a rich palette of colors that can be precisely matched for demanding print and design work. Fine dot-pitch screens produce extremely sharp text and graphics and excel at smooth, fluid video. Most CRTs offer energy-saving "sleep" modes and come in "true flat screen" versions, which offer many of the viewing conveniences of LCD flat panels but at lower cost. So if size and weight are not major considerations in your workspace, consider that CRTs offer:

  • Great image quality for graphics and gaming

  • Precise color matching for designers and publishers

  • Lower cost than comparably sized LCD flat panel displays

  • High-quality, blur-free video and movies

  • True-flat screens for viewing convenience

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