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Google is probably the biggest and most influential technology company of the last few years. Granted, Microsoft might be able to have more pull in certain areas, but their influence is declining while Google's is still on the rise. As I read somewhere (can't remember where), Google waves its hand and the pundits swoon.

The cool thing is that Google has always been a big supporter and user of Java, and lately Eclipse for its GWT development tools. However, until today they've been a little standoffish about actually getting their hands dirty and involved with Java and Eclipse development. (note, Google *has* contributed, but not in a terribly major way as a company to the direct development of Java or Eclipse) Today, it was announced that Google is joining the Eclipse Foundation as an add-in provider. So, we would expect to see some really neat development coming from Eclipse that revolutionary and ground-breaking. But is this really as big of a story as everyone is making it out to be?

I mean, let's take a step back for a minute. Google started as a search company, which was hardly anything new, even for the time. They had a really good search engine so they got a lot of traffic, which they were able to capitolize on using advertisements. This wasn't really new except they did it in a less annoying way and so people thought it was cool. Then came along syndicated ads, again, nothing new, just don't a little better than everyone else. Then a whole host of services in quick succession. Gmail (not the first AJAX webmail, but probably the most successful), Calendar, Spreadsheets, they bought Writely, Reader, etc... If you look back over what Google has done, they haven't really led the way in *any* truely new stuff.

But what they have done, is (arguably) done each of their services better than everyone else. Gmail is superior to Yahoo! Mail IMHO. Same goes for Calendar, Spreadsheets, Writely/Google Docs, and Reader (superior to Bloglines). They've also demonstrated a very consistant business model: increase traffic to improve ad ratings. That sort of business model only works for a website or service though. It doesn't translate well into an IDE.

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