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Ryan Barrett, Google App Engine datastore lead, gave this talk Transactions Across Datacenters (and Other Weekend Projects) at the Google I/O 2009 conference.

While the talk doesn't necessarily break new technical ground, Ryan does an excellent job explaining and evaluating the different options you have when architecting a system to work across multiple datacenters. This is called multihoming, operating from multiple datacenters simultaneously.

As multihoming is one of the most challenging tasks in all computing, Ryan's clear and thoughtful style comfortably leads you through the various options. On the trip you learn:

The different multi-homing options are: Backups, Master-Slave, Multi-Master, 2PC, and Paxos. You'll also learn how they each fair on support for consistency, transactions, latency, throughput, data loss, and failover.

Google App Engine uses master/slave replication between datacenters. They chose this approach in order to provide:

- lowish latency writes
- datacenter failure survival
- strong consistency guarantees.

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