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After claiming that most programmers just can't program, and actually addressing most of the problems to the lack of passion of people who decide to start a career as a programmer, I would also like to express my point of view on a tightly related subject: what can be done to improve the situation? The problem that I was trying to bring up in the spotlights, is that a lot of people just start (or wish to start) a career in the IT for no particular reasons. Those are the ones who don't love and don't loathe programming, and they just see it as something that pays their bills. Well, maybe the first question that I should address, actually is: why is this bad? Sure there are so many jobs which don't require passion at all, and people just do them because a job is just a job, and don't really care. In my opinion, being a programmer is different.

There are many people, especially the ones who sit high in the hierarchy of a company, who see programmers as the last and least important step of a ladder. They often think that programming is quite of an automated and repetitive task, and it could basically be done by anyone, with just a little training. Unsurprisingly, this seems to be the opinion of most common people, who ignore what programming really is. I wouldn't want to discriminate among different types of programming, or different programming languages, but it's obvious to me that programming, to some extent, actually can become an automated an repetitive task. That's quite the minority of cases, though, so I will simply ignore them, and focus on the rest.

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