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Flex has been around for a few years now, but seems to be picking up steam lately, much like Ruby on Rails. I read through this blog post which references Bruce Eckel's Hybridizing Java post. Bruce seems to be on the Flex bandwagon as the next big thing for rich internet apps. Bruce makes some really good comments about Java's lack of success with applets, web start and Java on the desktop in general and for the most part I agree with him. It is kind of ironic that Java made its real debut as an internet solution and never really made it there.

However, I wonder just how many real world applications Bruce has written in Flash or Flex. The issues with Flex are the same issues with Hibernate, Ruby on Rails (to a lesser extent) and other such frameworks. They are great for building specific, non-complicated applications. As soon you need to do something complicated they really fall apart. To be fair it has been a while since I have played around with Flex, but as the many XML markup frameworks for Java have shown, the concept is nice but can only go so far before you are scratching your head wondering how to get that particular feature put in using the framework constraints you have.

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