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Microsoft is readying a new software layer designed to allow dynamic languages to integrate more easily and tightly with its .Net Framework, according to sources. Microsoft is aiming to unveil the new technology - which it may christen as the "Dynamic Language Runtime" (DLR) - at its Mix '07 conference, which kicks off on April 30 in Las Vegas, sources added.

Implmentations of dynamic languages - like Ruby, Perl, PHP and Python that already can plug into the .Net Framework exist. However, Microsoft has been working for months to find ways to make .Net more attractive to dynamic-language developers.

"There are Ruby CLR projects, but none of them are complete, and they are very different," said Dion Almaer, with Ajaxian.com. "The Ruby community should embrace a rock solid CLR implementation. Ruby is my favourite language. I love it. It is a dream to develop with. It is a pain to deploy, and embarrassing that the current Ruby implementation is so slow. JRuby is starting to work really well on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), and having the same on the CLR will be fantastic.

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