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Being a new Zender I've spent some time in the recent past looking at people's opinions about PHP now that it directly affects the work I do. In my research I have found a lot of interesting "opinions" about PHP vs. this that and the other thing, usually in the form of lists. "4 reasons why Java will outlast PHP", for example.

So, I figured I'd come up with a list of responses to the naysayers concerning PHP.

1) PHP lacks several important features
PHP is specifically web-centric. This means that many of the features that programmers from general purpose programming languages complain about PHP not having are simply not that important in a web based environment. Asynchronous execution using threads, for example, has very little use when a browser makes one request at a time.

2) PHP doesn't have "real" object oriented programming support.
Knocking PHP because of a lack of OOP support is so "2003". While the initial implementation of OOP in PHP 4 was not so great, PHP 5 implemented OOP in a manner that brings it very much in line with the other OOP programming languages out there. But the difference is that with PHP you don't HAVE to use objects. The true definition of flexibility is when you are free to build as the situation warrants.

3) There are no tools for easing debugging/development problems.
Simply not true. For example, Zend developed Zend Studio which has all of the features of a modern IDE; profiling, debugging, etc. There are also several open source applications that aide in this arena. With the Eclipse PHP plugin coming along, this argument loses even more steam.

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