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I have some friends who are Mac designers, and they have came up to me asking me some questions about Silverlight development on a Mac. So, I thought I'd sit down and try to answer them.

Questions first then answers

1. Can I develop for Silverlight on the Mac? Do I need ASP.NET and a PC...
2. What languages are supported on the Mac?
3. Can I use Silverlight on a PHP site?
4. Does Silverlight work well with an Apache Web Server?
5. Can I really DO 720P HD video on a Mac without hardware acceleration?
6. Most Designers are working on Macs and Using Adobe products. Apple advertising is telling people to just use Macs for everything, how does Silverlight solve this?
7. How does Flash video really compare to Silverlight objectively? Can I do full screen video? Can I control the interface?
8. Is there a resource out there for controls? I use Flex right now, and this 1.0 Microsoft product doesn't look as full-featured, am I missing something?
9. What tools do I use to get started on the Mac?? Any suggestions?
10. Can I move my SWF flash files over to Silverlight or WPF?

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