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New program allows everyone to design video games

Budding designers will soon have an easier way to create their own video games using the Xbox 360. (...)

clicks: 4296 4296 2009-01-09 2009-01-09 goto url (new window) tuaw.com/2008/1... goto myNews tecnologia

RAM, VRAM, and More RAM: 64-Bit Gaming Is Here

This famous, oft-quoted phrase -- and variations of it -- is routinely attributed to Bill Gates, fou (...)

clicks: 3828 3828 2008-12-31 2008-12-31 goto url (new window) gamasutra.com/v... goto myNews tecnologia

Windows Live Messenger IM Control

The Windows Live Messenger IM Control enables web sites to show the presence of Windows Live Messeng (...)

clicks: 4692 4692 2008-12-29 2008-12-29 goto url (new window) msdn.microsoft.... goto myNews tecnologia

YUI Theater - Douglas Crockford: 'Ajax Performance'

Douglas Crockford returns to YUI Theater with another chapter in his evolving lecture series. This s (...)

clicks: 4045 4045 2008-12-26 2008-12-26 goto url (new window) yuiblog.com/blo... goto myNews tecnologia


Ensemble Tofino for Visual Studio is a plugin that enables .NET developers to create Flex front ends (...)

clicks: 3772 3772 2008-11-17 2008-11-17 goto url (new window) ensemble.com/pr... goto myNews tecnologia

Windows Azure Distilled - A Programmer's view

The launch of Windows Azure has coincided with the launch of the entire cloud computing initiative f (...)

clicks: 3688 3688 2008-11-16 2008-11-16 goto url (new window) indiangeek.net/... goto myNews tecnologia


Boku is a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games. It is designed to be (...)

clicks: 4256 4256 2008-11-07 2008-11-07 goto url (new window) research.micros... goto myNews tecnologia

Gmail gains a to-do list - but it's not made by Google

Google's online email application Gmail is quickly turning into my main hub on the Internet. Not onl (...)

clicks: 4884 4884 2008-11-05 2008-11-05 goto url (new window) venturebeat.com... goto myNews tecnologia

Windows Azure

Windows Azure is a cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting a (...)

clicks: 3946 3946 2008-10-29 2008-10-29 goto url (new window) microsoft.com/a... goto myNews tecnologia

Python 3000

Python 3000 (a.k.a. "Py3k", and released as Python 3.0) is a new version of the language that is inc (...)

clicks: 3749 3749 2008-10-16 2008-10-16 goto url (new window) python.org/down... goto myNews tecnologia

.NET 4.0 will include Parallel Extensions

Parallelism in programming has largely been conducted in the laboratories. But with the next version (...)

clicks: 3775 3775 2008-10-14 2008-10-14 goto url (new window) betanews.com/ar... goto myNews tecnologia

Google's G1: First Impressions

Google's new G1 phone announced today is the first real competitor to the iPhone. Like Apple's produ (...)

clicks: 3574 3574 2008-10-09 2008-10-09 goto url (new window) mossblog.allthi... goto myNews tecnologia

Mono 2.0

Mono 2.0 has been released. Though still behind Microsoft's .NET in some areas, in others it has lea (...)

clicks: 3642 3642 2008-10-06 2008-10-06 goto url (new window) mono-project.co... goto myNews tecnologia


clicks: 4176 4176 2008-10-04 2008-10-04 goto url (new window) celso.arrifana.... goto myNews tecnologia

Dublin App Server coming to.NET 4.0

Microsoft has announced new application server technology, codenamed "Dublin," that will surface in (...)

clicks: 3638 3638 2008-10-02 2008-10-02 goto url (new window) devsource.com/c... goto myNews tecnologia

OpenID for Dummies

There's a symptom of those being introduced to microformats and OpenID; They tend to go cross-eyed i (...)

clicks: 3701 3701 2008-10-02 2008-10-02 goto url (new window) webmonkey.com/t... goto myNews tecnologia

What is LDAP?

LDAP is a lightweight protocol for accessing directory servers. Okay, so what is a directory server? (...)

clicks: 4229 4229 2008-10-02 2008-10-02 goto url (new window) davidpashley.co... goto myNews tecnologia

IBM, Sun, Microsoft sink differences on VMs

Corporate rivals have temporarily sunk their differences to find ways to fine-tune the Java Virtual (...)

clicks: 4466 4466 2008-10-01 2008-10-01 goto url (new window) theregister.co.... goto myNews tecnologia

Silverlight 2 RC0 - Important and Less Obvious things developers need to know

Silverlight 2 RC0 is released to the public. Yay! With this release, there are a lot of changes t (...)

clicks: 3886 3886 2008-09-28 2008-09-28 goto url (new window) silverlighthack... goto myNews tecnologia

What is Swype?

Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger or st (...)

clicks: 3981 3981 2008-09-27 2008-09-27 goto url (new window) swypeinc.com/pr... goto myNews tecnologia

Modest Maps

Modest Maps is a BSD-licensed display and interaction library for tile-based maps in Flash (ActionSc (...)

clicks: 3673 3673 2008-09-11 2008-09-11 goto url (new window) modestmaps.com/ goto myNews tecnologia

Intel, Microsoft converge on parallel computing

Wintel is entering the era of parallelism in lockstep. Intel is partnering with Microsoft to create (...)

clicks: 3696 3696 2008-08-23 2008-08-23 goto url (new window) sdtimes.com/con... goto myNews tecnologia

MySQL asynchronous balancing with HTTP+JSON

It is almost the same. It solves the same problem, it does the same work, it looks quite similar, bu (...)

clicks: 3869 3869 2008-08-18 2008-08-18 goto url (new window) blogs.sun.com/a... goto myNews tecnologia