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No one ever died for my sins in hell, as far as I can tell, at least the ones I got away with
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Mozilla Aurora Concept

This is Part 1 of Aurora, a concept video created by Adaptive Path in partnership with Mozilla Labs. (...)

clicks: 3799 3799 2008-08-11 2008-08-11 goto url (new window) adaptivepath.co... goto myNews tecnologia

Trigonometry for Flash: A Visual Reference

Trigonometry is something any aspiring Flash developer should learn. It is the cornerstone of becomi (...)

clicks: 3519 3519 2008-08-11 2008-08-11 goto url (new window) ahrooga.com/200... goto myNews tecnologia

What is Parallelism, Anyhow?

I'm constantly amazed how many seemingly well-educated computer technologists bandy about the word p (...)

clicks: 3925 3925 2008-08-10 2008-08-10 goto url (new window) cilk.com/multic... goto myNews tecnologia

Anatomy of the Linux kernel

While Linux is arguably the most popular open source operating system, its history is actually quite (...)

clicks: 3701 3701 2008-07-31 2008-07-31 goto url (new window) ibm.com/develop... goto myNews tecnologia

How Computers Boot Up

Things start rolling when you press the power button on the computer (no! do tell!). Once the mother (...)

clicks: 3750 3750 2008-07-28 2008-07-28 goto url (new window) duartes.org/gus... goto myNews tecnologia


clicks: 4791 4791 2008-07-10 2008-07-10 goto url (new window) diario.iol.pt/t... goto myNews tecnologia

Google improved Flash indexing

We've received numerous requests to improve our indexing of Adobe Flash files. Today, Ron Adler and (...)

clicks: 3626 3626 2008-07-01 2008-07-01 goto url (new window) googlewebmaster... goto myNews tecnologia

SWF searchability FAQ

Adobe is teaming up with search industry leaders to dramatically improve search results of dynamic w (...)

clicks: 3687 3687 2008-07-01 2008-07-01 goto url (new window) adobe.com/devne... goto myNews tecnologia

How to Subnet a Network

A properly designed subnet can do wonders for the security and performance of a network. The main id (...)

clicks: 3941 3941 2008-06-29 2008-06-29 goto url (new window) learn-networkin... goto myNews tecnologia

The Principles for Developing Application Frameworks

In the software engineering industry, the term of application framework is used to describe a set of (...)

clicks: 3338 3338 2008-06-28 2008-06-28 goto url (new window) digcode.com/def... goto myNews tecnologia

Depois de ter sido anunciado para o segundo semestre deste ano a Google informou que o Gphone, um ap (...)

clicks: 3446 3446 2008-06-25 2008-06-25 goto url (new window) diario.iol.pt/t... goto myNews tecnologia

Silverlight 2 Beta2 Released

Silverlight 2 Beta2 was released today. You can download both Silverlight 2 Beta2 and the Visual St (...)

clicks: 3663 3663 2008-06-11 2008-06-11 goto url (new window) weblogs.asp.net... goto myNews tecnologia

jQuery UI v1.5 Released, Focus on Consistent API and Effects

When we first started with the UI project, we set out to build a generic, basic, and simple way of a (...)

clicks: 3597 3597 2008-06-11 2008-06-11 goto url (new window) jquery.com/blog... goto myNews tecnologia

Move Over, AJAX, Microsoft ARAX Is Here

Move over, AJAX; Microsoft is pushing a different scenario, known as Asynchronous Ruby and XML, or A (...)

clicks: 3843 3843 2008-06-08 2008-06-08 goto url (new window) eweek.com/c/a/A... goto myNews tecnologia

Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit 1.0

Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit version 1.0 is available for OmniGraffle, Visio (XML), Adobe Illustrator ( (...)

clicks: 3551 3551 2008-06-04 2008-06-04 goto url (new window) developer.yahoo... goto myNews tecnologia

Microsoft Oslo

Making a new class of model-driven and service-enabled applications mainstream The company's Serv (...)

clicks: 3363 3363 2008-06-04 2008-06-04 goto url (new window) microsoft.com/s... goto myNews tecnologia

Database Normalization and Table structures

Normalisation is the term used to describe how you break a file down into tables to create a databas (...)

clicks: 3976 3976 2008-06-01 2008-06-01 goto url (new window) bytes.com/forum... goto myNews tecnologia

CSS Namespaces Module

This CSS Namespaces module defines syntax for using namespaces in CSS. It defines the @namespace rul (...)

clicks: 3816 3816 2008-05-29 2008-05-29 goto url (new window) w3.org/TR/2008/... goto myNews tecnologia

13 free CMS options for Web Design Professionals Reviewed

At the center of most (if not all) web development projects is the old chestnut we call content mana (...)

clicks: 15408 15408 2008-05-20 2008-05-20 goto url (new window) blog.webdistort... goto myNews tecnologia

The 10 most important technologies you never think about

The late sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke famously said that any sufficiently advanced technology is i (...)

clicks: 3204 3204 2008-04-29 2008-04-29 goto url (new window) infoworld.com/a... goto myNews tecnologia

Microsoft Announces Extensibility Framework for .NET

Last week, Microsoft's .NET Framework program manager Krzysztof Cwalina announced that his team is w (...)

clicks: 3401 3401 2008-04-29 2008-04-29 goto url (new window) reddevnews.com/... goto myNews tecnologia

What Is Web 2.0


clicks: 3758 3758 2008-04-28 2008-04-28 goto url (new window) oreillynet.com/... goto myNews tecnologia

Ten things to know about Microsoft's Live Mesh

Microsoft took the wraps off Live Mesh at 9 p.m. PDT on April 22, just ahead of the service's offici (...)

clicks: 3515 3515 2008-04-25 2008-04-25 goto url (new window) blogs.zdnet.com... goto myNews tecnologia