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One Screen Turn Deserves Another

Android has an API for accessing a variety of sensor types, such as an accelerometer or light sensor (...)

clicks: 2769 2769 2010-09-14 2010-09-14 goto url (new window) android-develop... goto myNews tecnologia

Android and iPhone App Design: Is it twice the work?

Less than one year ago, most of my clients were requesting iPhone app design. Today they are still (...)

clicks: 3185 3185 2010-09-12 2010-09-12 goto url (new window) johnnyholland.o... goto myNews tecnologia

21 Ridiculously Impressive HTML5 Canvas Experiments

HTML5 is the thing to talk about these day. Today, we have a collection of some ridiculously impress (...)

clicks: 2965 2965 2010-09-11 2010-09-11 goto url (new window) net.tutsplus.co... goto myNews tecnologia

Introducing the Microsoft Web Farm Framework

Last month we released a beta of the Microsoft Web Farm Framework. The Microsoft Web Farm Framework (...)

clicks: 2975 2975 2010-09-10 2010-09-10 goto url (new window) weblogs.asp.net... goto myNews tecnologia

Why Large Hadron Collider Scientists are Using CouchDB

The Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment (CMS) at CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) (...)

clicks: 2857 2857 2010-09-08 2010-09-08 goto url (new window) readwriteweb.co... goto myNews tecnologia

Google Prediction API

The Prediction API enables access to Google's machine learning algorithms to analyze your historic d (...)

clicks: 2813 2813 2010-09-06 2010-09-06 goto url (new window) code.google.com... goto myNews tecnologia

Porting to 64-bit Platforms

C and C++ rely heavily on usage of pointers, i.e. variables containing memory addresses. While point (...)

clicks: 3052 3052 2010-08-26 2010-08-26 goto url (new window) drdobbs.com/cpp... goto myNews tecnologia

A Useful Selection of Android Developer Tools and Resources

With its intuitive and open-source platform and support from the huge mobile phone manufacturers HTC (...)

clicks: 3232 3232 2010-08-20 2010-08-20 goto url (new window) speckyboy.com/2... goto myNews tecnologia

Screen Readers and Assistive Technology: 5 Ways to Improve Web Accessibility

The need to ensure that your business website is accessible to all visitors has never been greater. (...)

clicks: 3071 3071 2010-08-17 2010-08-17 goto url (new window) switchedonmedia... goto myNews tecnologia

How To Be an Android Power User

From its auspicious start as the brainchild of Internet giant Google, Android has matured into a wel (...)

clicks: 3185 3185 2010-08-08 2010-08-08 goto url (new window) gizmodo.com/559... goto myNews tecnologia

Licensing Service Technology Highlights

We've just announced the introduction of a licensing server for Android Market. This should address (...)

clicks: 2786 2786 2010-08-06 2010-08-06 goto url (new window) android-develop... goto myNews tecnologia


MonoDroid is a SDK for developing applications for Android devices using C# and other CIL languages, (...)

clicks: 3611 3611 2010-08-02 2010-08-02 goto url (new window) go-mono.com/mon... goto myNews tecnologia

Seven rules for developing iPhone apps

The world is on the cusp of major changes in mobile communications and marketing, heralded by the in (...)

clicks: 2986 2986 2010-07-24 2010-07-24 goto url (new window) b2bm.biz/Featur... goto myNews tecnologia

App Inventor for Android

You can build just about any app you can imagine with App Inventor. Often people begin by building g (...)

clicks: 3333 3333 2010-07-19 2010-07-19 goto url (new window) appinventor.goo... goto myNews tecnologia

Microsoft Script Junkie

We've all seen the meteoric rise of client-side web development over the last 5 years. Once viewed m (...)

clicks: 3052 3052 2010-06-22 2010-06-22 goto url (new window) msdn.microsoft.... goto myNews tecnologia

Our new search index: Caffeine

Today, we're announcing the completion of a new web indexing system called Caffeine. Caffeine provid (...)

clicks: 2832 2832 2010-06-14 2010-06-14 goto url (new window) googleblog.blog... goto myNews tecnologia

Giz Explains 3D Technologies

CNN's attempt to display the future of TV news ended up making 3D look like the gimmick that it is. (...)

clicks: 3421 3421 2010-06-07 2010-06-07 goto url (new window) gizmodo.com/508... goto myNews tecnologia

What is Google TV ... in 2 minutes

Google TV is a Smart TV (or set-top box) which aims to seamlessly combine your Internet and TV exper (...)

clicks: 3077 3077 2010-05-26 2010-05-26 goto url (new window) vineetmanohar.c... goto myNews tecnologia

The Case of the Printing Failure

The most interesting cases I receive are those that demonstrate a unique troubleshooting technique o (...)

clicks: 2910 2910 2010-05-09 2010-05-09 goto url (new window) blogs.technet.c... goto myNews tecnologia

What is Clustering?

A computer cluster is a group of linked computers, working together closely so that in many respects (...)

clicks: 3086 3086 2010-05-03 2010-05-03 goto url (new window) hellotechguys.b... goto myNews tecnologia

Useful Design Tips For Your iPad App

With tools like Appcelerator's Titanium and some JavaScript programming skill, creating native iPhon (...)

clicks: 2974 2974 2010-04-30 2010-04-30 goto url (new window) smashingmagazin... goto myNews tecnologia

HBase vs Cassandra: why we moved

My team is currently working on a brand new product - the forthcoming MMO www.FightMyMonster.com. Th (...)

clicks: 3702 3702 2010-04-25 2010-04-25 goto url (new window) ria101.wordpres... goto myNews tecnologia

Anatomy of Linux Kernel Shared Memory

Linux as a hypervisor includes a number of innovations, and one of the more interesting changes in t (...)

clicks: 3176 3176 2010-04-22 2010-04-22 goto url (new window) ibm.com/develop... goto myNews tecnologia