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The Case of the Slow Logons

Emails containing troubleshooting cases keep arriving in my inbox. I've received many cases that sta (...)

clicks: 3507 3507 2010-01-13 2010-01-13 goto url (new window) blogs.technet.c... goto myNews tecnologia

How Face Detection Works

OpenCV's face detector uses a method that Paul Viola and Michael Jones published in 2001. Usually ca (...)

clicks: 3373 3373 2010-01-12 2010-01-12 goto url (new window) cognotics.com/o... goto myNews tecnologia

How OS X Executes Applications

Being a long-time UNIX user, I generally have a common set of tools that I work with while trying to (...)

clicks: 3499 3499 2009-12-27 2009-12-27 goto url (new window) 0xfe.blogspot.c... goto myNews tecnologia

Long Paths in .NET

Let's start by looking at one of the more interesting exception messages in the BCL, the PathTooLong (...)

clicks: 3769 3769 2009-12-24 2009-12-24 goto url (new window) blogs.msdn.com/... goto myNews tecnologia

MIT Linear Algebra, Lecture 3: Matrix Multiplication and Inverse Matrices

This is the third post in an article series about MIT's course "Linear Algebra". In this post I will (...)

clicks: 4035 4035 2009-12-16 2009-12-16 goto url (new window) catonmat.net/bl... goto myNews tecnologia

Making URLs shorter for Google Toolbar and FeedBurner

This morning, we launched updated versions of the Google Toolbar and FeedBurner that offer a new URL (...)

clicks: 3373 3373 2009-12-14 2009-12-14 goto url (new window) googleblog.blog... goto myNews tecnologia

Google Analytics Launches Asynchronous Tracking

Today we're excited to announce our new Google Analytics Asynchronous Tracking Code snippet as an al (...)

clicks: 3716 3716 2009-12-03 2009-12-03 goto url (new window) googlecode.blog... goto myNews tecnologia

Introducing Google Public DNS

When you type www.wikipedia.org into your browser's address bar, you expect nothing less than to be (...)

clicks: 3676 3676 2009-12-03 2009-12-03 goto url (new window) googleblog.blog... goto myNews tecnologia

An Engineers Guide to DNS

The Domain Name System (DNS) is part of the "dark matter" of the internet. It's hard to observe the (...)

clicks: 3276 3276 2009-11-30 2009-11-30 goto url (new window) developer.yahoo... goto myNews tecnologia

Google hopes to remake programming with Go

Google software luminaries such as Unix co-creator Ken Thompson believe that they can help boost bot (...)

clicks: 3425 3425 2009-11-13 2009-11-13 goto url (new window) news.cnet.com/8... goto myNews tecnologia

Running Mono - an Overview

The game is running on an Ubuntu server. We downloaded the source code and installed it manually. We (...)

clicks: 3860 3860 2009-10-30 2009-10-30 goto url (new window) psantos-blog.zi... goto myNews tecnologia

Flash CS5 - Applications for iPhone

Flash Professional CS5 will enable you to build applications for iPhone and iPod touch using ActionS (...)

clicks: 3460 3460 2009-10-07 2009-10-07 goto url (new window) labs.adobe.com/... goto myNews tecnologia

Understanding the Linux File System

The way Linux organizes its files on the hard drive is vastly different from how Windows handles thi (...)

clicks: 4382 4382 2009-10-02 2009-10-02 goto url (new window) linux.bihlman.c... goto myNews tecnologia

Microsoft and Intel port Silverlight to Linux

Intel and Microsoft have announced a new port of Silverlight to Linux, specifically for the Intel-sp (...)

clicks: 4293 4293 2009-10-01 2009-10-01 goto url (new window) theregister.co.... goto myNews tecnologia

Windows 7 Survival Guide: From 32- To 64-Bit

Windows as a whole -- Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and the operating system's server editions -- has (...)

clicks: 3493 3493 2009-09-26 2009-09-26 goto url (new window) informationweek... goto myNews tecnologia

Review: Zune HD

It's been a long, brown trip for the Zune: from its early days (mocked and abject) to its awkward ye (...)

clicks: 3906 3906 2009-09-20 2009-09-20 goto url (new window) crunchgear.com/... goto myNews tecnologia

Announcing the Microsoft AJAX CDN

Earlier today the ASP.NET team launched a new Microsoft Ajax CDN (Content Delivery Network) service (...)

clicks: 3383 3383 2009-09-16 2009-09-16 goto url (new window) weblogs.asp.net... goto myNews tecnologia

Optimize your crawling and indexing

The Internet is a big place; new content is being created all the time. Google has a finite number o (...)

clicks: 3517 3517 2009-09-08 2009-09-08 goto url (new window) googlewebmaster... goto myNews tecnologia

Intel, Microsoft Mind Meld for Windows 7

The Butch and Sundance of tech ride again, only this time they've come to San Francisco, not Bolivia (...)

clicks: 3511 3511 2009-09-06 2009-09-06 goto url (new window) internetnews.co... goto myNews tecnologia

How to Build a Hackintosh with Snow Leopard, Start to Finish

Two years ago, I detailed how to build a Hackintosh for under $800-then covered how to do the same w (...)

clicks: 4125 4125 2009-09-04 2009-09-04 goto url (new window) lifehacker.com/... goto myNews tecnologia

More on Tuesday Gmail issue

Gmail's web interface had a widespread outage earlier today, lasting about 100 minutes. We know how (...)

clicks: 3419 3419 2009-09-02 2009-09-02 goto url (new window) gmailblog.blogs... goto myNews tecnologia

The End of DNS As We Know It

When you start distributing services (workloads, applications) across multiple locations, a la cloud (...)

clicks: 3815 3815 2009-08-30 2009-08-30 goto url (new window) devcentral.f5.c... goto myNews tecnologia

Developers salivating over Twitter's geolocation plans

Twitter's plans to let its users attach geographic coordinates to their messages have external devel (...)

clicks: 3506 3506 2009-08-28 2009-08-28 goto url (new window) itworld.com/dev... goto myNews tecnologia